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BITSENS is young and aspiring digital agency located in Vilnius - capital of Lithuania. Having behind their shoulders some great experience in all kinds of digital-based projects, BITSENS gathered a big team of professionals, ready to meet your demands and develop your ideas.

What distinguishes BITSENS from similar players on the market is our ability to find all kinds of specialists and certificates for clients' undertakings. Over the time, we developed a dense and active network of professionals all over the globe.

Our philosophy is simple. We appreciate individuality and creativity. We use samples and our developments upon clients' request, but we also do have creative professionals, able to find effective solutions for a given goal. We love our work and think that it is our main advantage.

We consider "human" resource as the most valuable. Our business analytics provide effective monitoring of your business and provide detailed and up-to-dates reports on requested fields of work. For effective communication with clients we have gathered a team of project-managers with experience in working worldwide on the Web. Within BITSENS we are working a lot to integrate innovative schemes of working with clients. We do it to establish the atmosphere of creativity, innovation and mutual respect, to facilitate the process of knowledge transfer and exchange of ideas.

We like...

  1. our job
  2. minimalism
  3. happy customer
  4. nuclear ideas
  5. retro cars
  6. Vilnius
  7. responsibility
  1. perfectionism
  2. challenges
  3. planet Earth
  4. street magic
  5. good vibe
  6. individuality
  7. reasonable arguments

We don't like...

  1. war
  2. politics
  3. sweet talk
  4. overloaded design
  5. lack of talent
  6. hypocrisy
  1. poor-quality code
  2. quickie
  3. IE 8
  4. idle talk
  5. industrial farming


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Ready to meet your demands and develop your ideas

While working in areas of web & mobile development, we also provide assistance with non-standard and critical projects, as well as with failovers.


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